Simple steps to start reducing your Energy cost today!

How To Drop Your Energy

Conserving energy, by taking actions like insulating/weatherstripping your home and purchasing Energy Star certified (high efficiency) appliances, is usually the smartest, most economical and most potent environmental action you can take. Cleaner, greener energy supplies may provide the cleanest supplies of needed electricity, but minimizing the energy we need is still the first step to take before selecting the cleanest, greenest supplies.

Whenever you save energy, you not only save money, you also reduce the demand for such fossil fuels as coal, oil, and natural gas. Less burning of fossil fuels also means lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary contributor to global warming, and other pollutants.

You do not have to do without to achieve these savings. There is now an energy efficient alternative for almost every kind of appliance or light fixture. That means that consumers have a real choice and the power to change their energy use on a revolutionary scale.

The average American produces about 40,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. Together, we use nearly a million dollars worth of energy every minute, night and day, every day of the year. By exercising even a few of the following steps, you can cut your annual emissions by thousands of pounds and your energy bills by a significant amount!

Follow these energy-saving tips to help fight air pollution,  global warming and your skyrocketing utility bill. By making energy-efficient choices you can save energy and money without giving up the comforts of home — whether you rent an apartment, own a home!

Top Energy Drainers in your Home

water heaterWater Heater’s
Water heating is a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating.

Your Water heater is directly responsible for 25% of the Average families electric bill.



Electric Water PumpElectric water Pump
In day-to-day situations, available water is often contaminated, unhealthy, or even naturally poisonous, so that it is necessary to pump potable water from lower levels to higher levels, where it can be of use. A fresh water source in a lower stream, river, pond, or lake is often pumped to higher ground for irrigation, livestock, cooking, cleaning or other uses by all of us, who quite naturally need fresh water.




Air InfiltrationAir Infiltration

typically through cracks in the building envelope and through use of doors and window for passage. Infiltration is sometimes called air leakage. The leakage of room air out of a building, intentionally or not, is called ex-filtration





Your FurnaceYour Furnace
The furnace transfers heat to the living space of your home through an intermediary distribution system. That keeps your home warm and cozy on winter times.





Incandescent LightsIncandescent Lights
Incandescent lights are the most common light used, the average U.S. household has more than 40 sockets for light bulbs!
The incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a wire filament heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows.



The Energy Savers

water heater blanketWater Heater “Blanket”
No, the water heater blanket in not an actual blanket
However its essentially a Blanket for your hot water! 
Water Heater Blanket works by reflecting heat back into the water heater. The blanket can be installed in minutes, and fits both gas and electric units. American Dream Water Heater Blanket can save up to 20% on hot water heating costs (or about $4.00 per month)! You can get one here


water saversHigh Efficiency Water Distribution

These three items are the highest water consumers at home, a simple conversion can make all the difference! 

High Efficiency Kitchen faucet aerator
This inexpensive solution will save 30% more water  and energy than a standard aerator. The reduced flow rate makes this a real energy and water saver.

This showerhead’s reduced flow rate saves tons of water in the shower (showers account for 30% of total water consumption

American Dream Toilet flush performance saves up to 40,000 gallons of water and features.
Learn more about the trio that will start saving you money, water and energy!


Air Infiltration SolutionsAir Infiltration Solutions
Triple pane window and doors are designed to significantly help minimize heating expenses in the winter and keep solar heat outside in the summer which minimizes cooling expenses. This glass technology can only be found at American Dream Windows and Doors.

Natural fiber insulation is the best value on the market today; dollar for dollar out performing foam, fiberglass or any other insulation. extremely cost-effective to install and you can also be confident your decision helps minimize impact in the environment! Learn more about natural Fiber Insulation


 Furnace Whistlefurnace simple solution
Snap this air filter whistle alarm onto your furnace’s or air conditioner’s air filters to hear a whistle when the filter is dirty and needs changing. If your air conditioner as running less than its optimum efficiency, you are just giving money away. This device will warn you if your air conditioner is running any less than its optimum efficiency. Meaning it’s now time to change the filter..You can get yours Here



LED high efficiency light bulbsLED high efficiency light bulbs
This technology is a proprietary remote phosphor technology developed by engineers to increase the efficiency (lumens per watt), increase the average color rendering index (CRI Ra) and produce a high quality of light that makes colors appear vibrant and true. All the while consuming less energy. Learn about this option and many more here!

Can’t Find what you are looking for? Search below for thousands of information on Energy efficiency and how you can start reducing your utility cost today!l


Learn more about Clean and renewable energy available that you can start using today to Drop your energy bill!

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