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Our Company’s goal is to inspire Energy Independence among our Nations people. The founders of America believed that we had a right to be free from foreign forces. We want our fellow citizens to know there is a CHOICE when it comes to energy consumption.

We at the American Dream family of companies are honored to bring this comprehensive building science, to the residential construction market. Our State of the art products, building Techniques, and factory direct low cost uniquely position us to offer the MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT affordable products/homes ever built.

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DropYourEnergyBill.com Blog is dedicated to Educate the population in the Clean Energy, our goal is to promote renewable energy and create repercussion in a massive scale! We are are adapting population to the clean Renewable Energy market. Our ultimate goal is to see a future with Clean Energy sources and a Healthy pollution free environment for all living beings in our planet. We are not only a place to seek educational material but our Engineers and Scientists are 100% committed to this cause by creating and improving solutions for Clean and renewable Energy! Please feel free to share any material pertinent to this matter, we encourage you to share news, debatable and controversial material and invite friends to do the same Here.

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