American Dream Natural Fiber™

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From file “156_chs” entitled “CHSOTAmj.qxd” page 01

Our state of the art ultra efficient natural fiber insulation is the best value on the market today; dollar for dollar out performing foam, fiberglass or any other insulation.

Price + Performance = Real Value

– Air & Sound Control
– Fire Safety
– Easy Installation
– Real Value in R-Value
– Retrofitting

– Cellulose insulation is extremely cost-effective to install

– Cellulose insulation has the highest amount of recycled post-consumer content among insulation products on the market today

– Cellulose insulation gives you the real value of the R-value you choose in every climate region

– Cellulose insulation creates a seamless seal in every nook and cranny of every structure so you get the maximum protection from air flow and noise infiltration

– Cellulose insulation has an invaluable built-in safety feature that slows the spread of fire allowing more time for a safer exit.

As concerned homeowners, we often let cost comparisons affect our buying decisions. But when it comes to insulating our home, your decision is one that lasts a lifetime.

Natural Fiber  insulation, when installed by professionals, gives you the peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision for comfort, protection, value and safety without compromise.

You can also be confident your decision helps minimize impact on our environment.Depending on your need, our Earth friendly fibers provide a range of benefits

* Chemical Resistance
* Insoluble
* Viscosity & Sag Control
* Shrinking & Crack Control
* Increased Strength & Reinforcement
* Improved Workability
* Extended Coverage & Bulking
* Texturizing Aid
* Absorbent
* Dimensional Stability
* Insulation
* Reduce Finished Product Cost
* Environmentally Green Ingredient

9.99 per 30lb Bag
55 Bags per 1,000 sq. feet

Call for truck load pricing



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