American Dream Ultra Performance GeoThermal™

freon-copper-geoMANY advantages exist in the AMERICAN DREAM ULTRA PERFORMANCE Geothermal technology that are superior to conventional geothermal systems both the “open loop” and “closed loop” variety.



More Reliable

1. Fewer parts to the system

2. Does not require a supply and return well.

3. Does not require a well pump or circulation pumps.

4. No water heat exchanger and associated valves to corrode, freeze and break.

More Efficient

AMERICAN DREAM ULTRA PERFORMANCE principle allows the refrigerant to come directly into contact with the earth, separated only by copper tubing. During winter, maximum heat transfer takes place at higher temperature than conventional ground loop technology without the maintenance and electrical cost of circulation pumps.

Less Maintenance

More Versatile

AMERICAN DREAM ULTRA PERFORMANCE systems can be installed in a more confined area than a conventional ground loop system, primarily because the heat exchanger coil is much more efficient at transferring heat to the refrigerant than a plastic earth exchanger

has its refrigerant evaporator / condenser in direct thermal contact with the earth from which heat is either extracted from during the heating mode or introduced to during the cooling mode of operation.

AMERICAN DREAM ULTRA PERFORMANCE GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS working fluid is r410 a refrigerant and the copper ground loop is the primary heat exchanger. Such geothermal heat exchange is the most efficient and effective way of achieving heat exchange in heating and air conditioning systems.

The elimination of the secondary earth heat exchanger (typically plastic in nature) and its associated working fluid reduces the temperature difference required between the ground and the evaporating refrigerant yielding a higher suction pressure than a conventional system under similar circumstances and thus a higher efficiency.






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