LeConte Progress – Pouring the Concrete

This image shows the form boards surrounding the perimeter which create a mould to shape the concrete. You can also see the exposed plumbing lines which have been buried prior to pouring the concrete slab.

Here is a view showing more clearly the grid-like rebar which helps to strengthen the concrete slab. You will also notice the white insulation beneath the rebar which insulates underneath the slab.

This view from farther away gives an idea of the overall perimeter and shape of the concrete slab which will ultimately become the interior conditioned space.

Around the perimeter of the slab is the footer held up by metal supporting chairs which is designed to further reinforce the strength and longevity of the concrete slab.

Also around the perimeter are spans of concrete insulation to ensure optimal energy performance by preventing any unwanted moisture migration, air infiltration, and temperature transfer through the slab and thus into the home. As you can see in the image, all of the slab insulation is glued and sealed together with our spray foam insulation creating an even tighter seal.

More insulation around the slab perimeter. But this time we have used a thinner sheet because less insulation was needed in this particular area. It must nonetheless still be insulated to form a complete seal everywhere.

Once all of the concrete prep work was complete, we began to pour the slab.

Underneath and all around, the slab is completely sealed off with our foam insulation. As mentioned previously, this creates a very energy efficient barrier protecting the slab and ultimately the house and its future occupants.

The slab is filling out and taking shape. It will soon be evenly spread, smoothed and dry enough to begin standing our foam wall system.


View Full Project Progress Here

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