(Rhode Island) Residential Solar Property Tax Exemption


Rhode Island law provides that for purposes of local municipal property tax assessment, certain residential solar-energy systems may not be assessed at more than the value of a conventional heating system, a conventional water-heating system, or energy production capacity that otherwise could be necessary to install in a building. Qualifying systems include photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar hot-water systems and active solar space-heating systems. Equipment must be new. (Passive solar systems, and systems installed on boats or vehicles do not qualify.)

Program Overview:
State: Rhode Island
Incentive Type: Property Tax Incentive
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Photovoltaics
Applicable Sectors: Residential
Amount: System assessed at no more than conventional energy system
Authority 1:
Date Enacted:
Date Effective:
R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-57-4 (a)(6)

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