(Connecticut) Residential Solar Investment Program


In March 2012, the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) unveiled its new solar photovoltaics residential investment program. The ultimate goal of the program is to support 30 megawatts of residential solar photovoltaics (PV).  The first round of funding is $10 million, although long-term there is $40 million allocated to the program.  This residential program is limited to owner-occupied homes. 

Only customers of Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating are eligible.

There are two incentive types available, depending on the ownership of the PV system.  For consumers who purchase a solar PV system for their residence directly, the first 5 kilowatts (kW) receives a maximum $2.275/W and the next 5 kW receives $1.075/W rebate, which may be adjusted based on expected performance.  Systems greater than 10 kW are allowed, but the incentive is only paid on the first 10 kW.

For consumers who do not purchase a solar PV system directly but enter into a contract with a company that owns/operates the system, there is a performance-based incentive (PBI) available to that third party owner.  Currently, it is $0.300 for six years and is paid on actual performance of the PV system.  In both cases, there is a bonus for using components manufactured in Connecticut. All systems must be installed with a CEFIA Performance Data Provider approved monitoring system (the cost of this system has been taken into account in designing the incentive levels).

Interested customers are required to have a home energy audit first then select a contractor from a CEFIA approved list.  The contractor is responsible for completing all the paperwork and application materials, which are all completed online.

May 2012 Update: This program has two steps.  The first step ended in May.  Incentives are available during Step Two of this program. Step Three incentive levels will be announced January 15, 2013 or when 2.2 MW of installed capacity is reached.

Program Overview:
State: Connecticut
Incentive Type: State Rebate Program
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Photovoltaics
Applicable Sectors: Residential
Amount: Customer-owned: first 5 kW: $2.275/W, for the next 5 kW up to and including 10 kW: $1.075/W
Third-party-owned: $0.300/kWh for six years
Maximum Incentive: Customer-owned: $16,750
Eligible System Size: 1 kW to 10 kW
Installation Requirements: An energy assessment must be completed as step one, and must be installed by a CEFIA Approved Contractor
Funding Source: Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA)
Program Budget: $10,000,000
Start Date: 03/02/2012
Web Site: http://www.ctcleanenergy.com/YourHome/ResidentialSolarInvestmentP


Solar Incentives Information
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority
865 Brook Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Phone: (860) 563-0015
E-Mail: info@ctcleanenergy.com
Web Site: http://www.ctcleanenergy.com

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