Energy Efficiency and Savings Goals

In support of the nation working toward greater energy independence and a cleaner environment, the Building Technologies Program (BTP) embraces the strategic goal of significantly improving the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings to reduce national energy demand.

On this page you’ll find information about the program’s energy savings goals and current projects.

BTP’s goal is to create marketable technologies and design approaches that address energy consumption in existing and new buildings. For existing buildings, BTP is currently analyzing which retrofit measures are cost-effective and have the largest impact on energy use. Additionally, BTP research ensures that technologies or techniques used in existing buildings improve the quality of the structure and address safety concerns.

For new construction, the ultimate residential goal is to produce homes on a community scale that use on average 40% to 100% less source energy. For commercial buildings, the goal is to achieve 50% to 70% whole building energy improvements, relative to ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004. These are both long-term goals for BTP with a focus on achieving these energy savings in a cost-effective manner. See BTP’s Multi-Year Program Plan for more details.

Partnering to Achieve the Goals

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its partners bring together expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy to research the retrofitting of existing buildings and construction of new buildings that consume less energy. In the residential area, for example, home building teams work directly with builders to develop strategies to create houses that are significantly more efficient than average homes.

To improve various sectors of commercial building, the DOE is forming alliances with key industry partners. These alliances provide input into the research conducted by the Commercial Building Initiative team and help work toward the goal of dramatic energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings.


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