Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic FanThe Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can save you money. Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician and city permits. And let’s not forget powerful! Place it wherever you need improved circulation; attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns.

Attic venting is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy energy efficient home. Proper venting cools your roof extending the material life and reduces the load on your air conditioning system. Attic venting also increases fresh air circulation which reduces vapor build up generated by every day activities like showering and cooking.

Excess moisture trapped in your attic can cause a variety of problems from rust and rot to increased bacteria and mold counts which can have a direct impact on your respiratory health! Passive vents have been a part of building codes for years. Soffit vents, ridge vents and louvers rely on nature to provide sufficient air pressure and air movement. So the majority of the time your attic is stagnant and continues to build up heat and moisture.

1. Minimize backpressure of exhaust gases.


• AMERICAN DREAM incorporates an angled throat within the flashing that provides a venturi effect, which increases airflow.

• The AMERICAN DREAM Solar Attic Fan was designed from the ground up to minimize obstructions in the flashing and shroud.

2. Maximize the exposure of the sun to the solar panel.


• AMERICAN DREAM designed a mounting bracket that houses the solar panel that allows for angling the panel.

• AMERICAN DREAM offers an optional special order remote solar panel which is installed away from the attic fan housing. It is used in applications where there is limited sunshine where the unit is to be installed. The remote panel is installed in a sunny area, capturing maximum amount of sunlight and therefore achieving optimal attic fan performance.

3. Minimize the ambient temperature of the solar panel because power output rapidly declines as temperatureincreases.


• AMERICAN DREAM powder coats the entire assembly, inside and out, in a neutral gray color thus ensuring that it does not act like a heat sink.

• The solar panel mounting bracket allows for an envelope of cool air to continually circulate around the entire solar panel.

4. Adaptable to any location, roof type, in any environment.


• Our Solar Attic Fan is constructed of .080 (14 gauge) aluminum, the flashing and shroud are seamless ensuring weather tight installations.

• Stainless steel animal protection screen.

• Stainless steel hardware throughout.

• Powder coated to withstand any environment.

• Fifty year Neutral Cure silicone bonds the flashing to the roof.

Better by Design…The American Dream Solar Attic Fan is engineered to be the best, incorpoating the best features, the best materials and the best construction, making it the Natural Choice over our competition!

Adjustable Solar Panel


Our solar attic fan is designed with a mounting bracket that houses the solar panel allowing the panel to be angled for optimum performance. Many of our competitors offer a fixed solar panel which can hinder the units performance.

Powder Coated Inside and Outside


AMERICAN DREAM powder coats the entire assembly in a neutral gray color thus ensuring that it does not act like a heat sink. Many of our competitors either paint only the outside or do not paint the unit at all.

Aluminum Fan with 5 Blades


AMERICAN DREAM offers a five-wing precision balanced aluminum blade for the highest cfm output. Many of our competition offer only 3 or 4 blades and many are made of plastic.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Flashing

AMERICAN DREAM solar attic fan flashings are manufactured from aircraft grade .080 gauge aluminum while many of our competitors flashings are manufactured from sheet metal or galvanized steel.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Hood


AMERICAN DREAM solar attic fan hoods are also manufactured from air-craft grade .080 gauge aluminum while many of our competitors offer either polypropylene (plastic), sheet metal or galvanized steel.


• Reduces cooling load on AC units
• Operates on free solar energy
• Adjustable solar panel
• 3 models available to fit all roof types
• Powder coated aircraft grade aluminum
• 25 year product warranty

Energy Efficient Solar Attic Fans Qualify


for 30% Federal Tax Credit

At American Dream we have always been committed to achieving energy performance in our products and energy savings for our customers. We are very proud that all of our Solar Attic Fan models exceed the required standards to be eligible for up to $1,500 Federal Tax Credit.

The environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money!

The Solar Attic Fan keeps your attic cooler, and improves the lifespan of your roofing materials.

10 Watt Solar Attic Fan = $489.00
20 Watt Solar Attic Fan = $509.00
30 Watt Solar Attic Fan = $549.00



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