$99.95 Energy Saving Package


Want to save energy and time, but don’t know where to begin…This is a great starter package whether you rent or own your home.

Just by applying these 6 easy solutions to saving energy, you could save hundreds every year.

-Save Money
-Simple and Easy to Install
-Save Water
-Great for Rental Property
-Longer, Hotter Showers for Pennies a Day
-More Comfortable
-Seals and Tightens your Home

Take it with you when you move!!

Energy Saving Package Installation/Savings Guide

Retail Value: $145

Included in this package:
American Dream 1.25 gpm Micro Flow Showerhead with Diverter Valve (2)
American Dream 1.5 gpm Micro Flow Kitchen Aerator with Diverter Valve (2)
American Dream Outlet Switch Sealers(25)
American Dream Water Heater Blanket
American Dream Toilet Tank Displacer (2)
American Dream Furnace Whistle

You will begin to see the savings the moment you install these items.
*Savings vary based on utility rate, lifestyle, and sqaure footage.

Source: www.DropYourEnergyBills.com




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