European energy efficiency champions declared

The JRC announced on Tuesday 12 April the 25 winners from 14 countries across the three categories featured in this year’s edition of the energy efficiency awards. These award schemes are part of three JRC programmes aiming to encourage organisations in both public and private sectors to cut energy consumption by using innovative and energy efficient technologies.

Improving the efficiency with which energy is consumed by end-users is a central theme of EU energy policy.

Under the GreenLight programme, the winners include the Delhaize supermarket chain (Belgium), which reduced its annual energy consumption for lighting across more than 130 supermarkets by a total of over 20 000 Megawatt hours (MWh), a 60% reduction. Under GreenBuilding, one of the best refurbishment projects, Alfred Arnold Verladesysteme (Germany), has achieved over 78% energy savings in its office and workshop building. In the third category, Motor Challenge, SATA Fiat group (Italy), obtained energy savings of nearly 15 000 MWh in its production plants (car painting). The three programmes between them save more than 837 000 MWh of electricity each year – roughly equivalent to the total consumption of all households in Luxembourg.


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