Solar Carports Charge Electric Vehicles

With electric vehicles (EVs) starting to hit major consumer markets this year, solar carports can help keep your car charged up and running.  With a roof covered in solarpanels, energy from the sun can power the batteries in electric cars so your ride is even greener.  In other words, no gasoline and no fossil-fuel-based electricity!

The state of Tennessee hopes to take the lead in renewable EV charging with the installation of a new solar carport charging station.  The solar energy generated by the charging station in Pulaski can be used to re-charge up to 12 electric cars at a time.  Extra solar electricity will be fed into the regional grid, operated by Tennessee Valley Authority.

Its the first of several solar carports in Tennessee.  Two more charging stations will be installed in Pulaski and Knoxville.  All three facilities will be installed by Outpost Solar through a partnership between the state, USDA, Pulaski Electric System and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Outside of Tennessee, you can find solar carports at the Google Headquarters in California (see video above).  Smaller, residential-size solar carports are also available for purchase.  Expect the market for solar carports to jump as EVs start hitting the roads in greater numbers.

Time to start thinking about solar carports for your residence or business!


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