Spread the Word – Use Drop Your Energy Bill Logos on Your Website

I can’t think of a better way to push for energy independence than to offer variations of the Drop Your Energy Bill Logo! Display the logo in the best way you know how to help make energy independence a standard for everyone. Preferably, provide a link back here for easy navigation. 🙂

364 x 120 – Right Click to Save as

400 x 200 – Right Click to Save as

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The phrase “Energy Independence” is a verbal icon embodying an idea that resonates with the character of America—it is a call for return to economic balance and protection from vulnerability created by over-dependence on petroleum to fuel our cars, trucks and airplanes.

Energy independence does not mean closed borders or economic isolation. Energy independence will be achieved by producing abundant and affordable alternative fuels through advanced technology that will enable all countries to do the same. American Energy Independence will lead to global energy independence.

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