TVA – Total Monthly Fuel Cost

For billing periods beginning June 1, 2011, the total monthly fuel cost will change from the current amount of 2.347 cents per kilowatt-hour to 2.366 cents per kilowatt-hour, an increase in the average wholesale price of 0.3 percent.

This will increase residential monthly electric bills between 10 cents and 50 cents, depending on usage levels.

The total monthly fuel cost has been relatively stable for the past three months. Since March, the variance in the total monthly fuel cost remains at an average of approximately 1 percent.

The forecast for June fuel costs was developed in April and at that time was very similar to the forecast for May.

Following the devastating storms in late April, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and other nearby generating plants with which TVA has long-term contracts have been offline, resulting in TVA’s purchases of more expensive replacement power. These higher costs for fuel will be reflected in the total monthly fuel cost amount for July. Costs of repairing damaged transmission infrastructure are not included in the fuel costs.

Total Monthly Fuel Cost

Month FCA (¢/kWh) Total Monthly Fuel Cost
Percent Change In Average Wholesale Rate
Fiscal Year 2011
June 2011 * 2.366 0.3%
May 2011 * 2.347 -.4%
April 2011 * 2.376 -1.2%
March 2011 0.613 2.464 2.5%
February 2011 0.436 2.287 -1.5%
January 2011 0.548 2.399 1%
December 2010 0.476 2.327 -3.5%
November 2010 0.735 2.586 -5.0%
October 2010 1.127 2.978 6.4%

*Fuel cost adjustment was replaced by total fuel cost in April 2011.


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