Wood Cabinets and Environment


Buy cabinets and countertops made with sustainable harvested woods, and pay attention to formaldehyde harmful emissions contained in many cabinets. They are a cause of cancer and breathing disorders…

Formaldehyde & Cabinets

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, state that formaldehyde can be carcinogenic and allergenic at concentrations above 0.1 ppm in air.

For that reason, avoid cabinets, countertops and furniture made of particle board, plywood and MDF with formaldehyde.

Look for wood cabinets and cabinets with low or no formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their content.

Formaldehyde is hazardous during the whole lifetime of the cabinets, and is especially dangerous when the materials containing them are close to ovens and other heating sources, or exposed to sunlight.

Source: www.House-Energy.com

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