Efficient Lighting Strategies – Wise Design Choices Can Meet Lighting Needs and Save Energy


This technology fact sheet discusses energy-efficient lighting, including lighting design; lighting controls; incandescent, fluorescent and outdoor bulb options; and information about lighting principles and terms, such as light quantity, efficacy and light quality. A chart compares the efficacy, lifetime, color rendition index, and color temperature of various types of incandescent, fluorescent, and outdoor bulbs.

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Artificial Lighting

Convenient and effective artificial lighting is one of the important advances of the 20th century. Artificial lighting allows us to work and play inside and outside our homes independent of the time of day, and also often serves aesthetic purposes. Artificial lighting is generally employed for ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Efficient Lighting Strategies for Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting consumes almost 15 percent of household electricity. Use of new lighting technologies, design concepts and controls can reduce lighting energy use in homes significantly. Strategies include:

  • Lighting design concepts, such as determining light quality over quantity, matching the amount of light to the task and maximizing the use of daylighting;
  • Efficient lighting technologies, such as fluorescent light fixtures and compact fluorescent bulbs; and
  • Lighting control options, including dimmer controls, photosensors, occupancy sensors, motion sensors and timers, which reduce the energy wasted by lights that are left on when not needed.

Source: www.ToolBase.org

Prepared for:
U.S. Department of Energy

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