Its Looking like Japan will REQUIRE Solar Panels on All New Buildings by 2030

In the wake of Japan’s natural disasters and nuclear spill-out, the country’s prime minister Naoto Kan announced that it would look for renewable energy alternatives to power the country.

All new buildings may come with solar panels in Japan soon.

Japan has made some major renewable energy announcements recently. Prime Minister Naoto Kan recently announced that it would abandon its plan to build 14 new nuclear reactors in the face of this year’s Fukushima tragedy. He said that his country needed to “start from scratch” and create a totally new energy policy and he said a focus would be placed on two things greens the world over love — clean, renewable energy and energy conservation. Well, apparently, that may include a requirement to put solar panels on all new buildings by 2030.

Japan is a leader when it comes to cutting fossil fuel use and I’m sure it wants to stay one. In cutting its nuclear expansion plans, it must focus on energy conservation and renewable energy in order to avoid burning more coal. With solar hitting its stride, a plan to make it a fundamental part of new infrastructure and buildings is no surprise. But if this policy goes forward, it will clearly be one of he strongest policies in support of solar energy in the world.

“Taking [Fukushima] as a lesson, we will lead the world in clean energy such as solar and biomass, as we take a step toward resurrection,” Kan told reporters last month. He wasn’t joking.

The plan to make it compulsory to put solar panels on all new buildings is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming G8 summit in Deauville, France as part of a broader plan to increase renewables and energy conservation. On the first day of the summit, Prime Minister Naoto Kan is also expected to announce the country’s plans to continue operating nuclear plants. Of course, after “confirming” their safety.


Reprinted with permission from Ecopolitology

By Zachary Shahan

Wed May 25, 2011

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