Why do we need to save energy if it can't be created or destroyed?

Cosmically speaking energy is in no short supply. We just aren’t advanced enough to harness the true energy potential waiting for us. Which brings me to our current situation today…The main sources we get our energy from (oil, coal, natural gas) are good sources of energy…in moderation. When you factor the population of the earth (6,775,235,700 people), these sources are no longer being moderately used. We are using them faster than it takes nature to produce them! If consumption were to overtake production, we would really be in difficult situation.

In addition to how much we are using, there is another problem with the way we handle our energy needs. By burning these “materials”, we are polluting the earth. It wouldn’t be as bad if everyone didn’t use so much but our daily ways have become an unnecessary burden to our planet.

To top it off, we are not resourceful with the energy we use!! WAY too much goes to waste everyday. How often are lights left on? How often is the water left running? How often is your Vehicle left running? There are many areas that we could comfortably live without to cut back some on our energy expenditures!

But, on the good side we still have an opportunity to make some changes…before we are FORCED to by nature.

Conserving energy helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and thereby reduces carbon emissions and overall saves money.

Energy is used by everyone in numerous ways everyday. While it makes our lives more convenient, it can have an effect on the environment. There are several reasons we should save or conserve energy for future generations.

Saving Money

Using less energy at home, such as turning down the heat and using energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances will cause a reduction in your utility bills. According to the EPA, choosing energy-efficient products can save you up to 30 percent a year.

The Greenhouse Effect

Using less energy means that the power companies produce less energy. When these are companies that use fossil fuels to produce the energy, fewer carbon dioxide emissions go into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Conserving Fossil Fuels

The U.S. Department of Energy states that coal power plants supply half the energy consumed by Americans. However, coal is a non-renewable resource, meaning it will run out eventually. By conserving energy, we extend the time it will take for fossil fuels to become depleted.


  • We are producing energy inefficiently for too large of a population.
  • The energy we are producing is being used too quickly, and will inevitably deplete.
  • As a result of our large and inefficient energy use, we are hurting the EARTH.
  • By conserving your energy use, you will not only contribute to reverse this crisis, but you will also save some money in the process!! (You can’t argue with that)
  • Investing in clean/renewable energy technologies will offset this scenario and will put us back in harmony with the earth (as far as energy production and use go).

Source: www.eHow.com

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