Solar Powered Solar Power


Something that has long been a dream of mine looks like it will be a reality soon. I have always wanted to see a solar powered solar panel factory, or a wind powered wind turbine factory. Basically you use a little fossil fuels to get started, then the first however many turbines/panels off the line power the factory, from then on in it’s all carbon neutral.

The good folks at Sharp (one of the worlds largest solar panel makers) are finally going to go and give it a try. There “Sakai, coastal areas of mega solar power generation plan” (sorry for the bad translation), is a plan to install two solar power plants in Sakai District one with a power output of approximately 10 MW and one with an output of 18 MW The solar panels will be built over an old industrial waste landfill site.

Sakai, the city, has a plan aimed at the urban low-carbon “Sakai KURUSHITI” initiative in order to promote clean green living in the town. With a combined output of 28 MW, the solar farms will reduce CO2, by 10,000 tons per year.

The real question is, will these arrays provide enough power to power the solar plant? I would say that 28mw of solar power (one of the largest solar farms in the world) should put a good dent in the energy needs of this factory. Not to mention it looks like they could toss up a wind turbine or two for the days (and nights) when it’s windy but not sunny. A fully renewable energy powered renewable energy factory is not only possible it just makes sense.

Written by The Naib


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