Space Solar Energy Initiative Announced by National Space Society – Video


In the quest to solve energy crisis the Kalam-NSS Energy Initiative’s goals have emerged. One of the most promising solutions to solve the energy crisis is to go beyond earth’s atmosphere to tap onto an unlimited surface area of solar energy –space -.

The eleventh President of the National Space Society and India, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, has announced the Space Solar Indian-American Energy initiative.

The global energy demand is expected to rise with 87 percent by 2035. Predictions are claiming that renewable energy (solar, water, wind, geothermal, etc.) will merely be able match 23 percent of the 87 percent climb in energy needs. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam says that even by using all the potential energy resources on earth, including fossil fuels and renewable energy, the energy requirement of 2050 won’t be met.

YouTube source: Space Based Solar Power – Alternative Energy Solution

However, Kalam has a solution, to harness carbon free energy that will not affect villages, town, landscapes and people on earth’s surface. It will also create millions of jobs and put an end to energy wars. He claims that the ultimate answer lies in space solar power.

The director, Dr.T.K Alex, who was leading the Chandrayan-1 project a project that unvield water on the moon’s surface, of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Satellite Centre, found in Bangalore and NASA’s 25-years veteran John Mankins envisage that space solar power should be harnessed.

President Barack Obama will soon meet Indian’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss these energy initiatives. Dr. Kalam, the former Indian President believes that President Obama and Prime Minster Singh will go for space solar power as a way to solve long-term energy demands.

The space solar power initiative has the likely potential to free America from 500 billion of yearly payment deficits but most importantly create millions of jobs. Besides, space solar power is a technology already in place. America has since the 1962 harnessed space solar power. Their first commercial satellite Telstar is an entrusted square medallion of photovoltaic panels, which has been sending energy to the earth since the 60s. Moreover, in 1975, India launched their first satellite called Aryabhata A. The exterior of Aryabhata is tiled with photovoltaic panels.

Currently space solar energy is a two-hundred and fifty billion dollar industry – commercial satellites -. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that when you switch on your satellite TV, Radio, cell-phone or GPS (Global Position System) you are harnessing solar energy.

From the National Space Society, CEO, Mark Hopkins considers Kalam-NSS initiative to be a transformative idea that can help America and India to achieve energy goals of the future. Space solar power energy is a change from typical energy technology onto a carbon-neutral solution that will help to deal with global warming, energy security and sustainable development.


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