The most energy efficient windows, Could You Even Ask for a Better Window!!

energy efficient windowsAmerican Dream Triple pane windows are the most energy efficient windows on the marketplace. With a 110% price guarantee, there is no comparable option!

American Dream Triple pane windows are made from three panes of glass, hermetically sealed into one unit.  The middle layer of glass is surrounded by pockets of the inert Krypton gas on both sides. These dead pockets of air or gas are what give triple pane windows tremendous insulation qualities. They can result in substantial cost savings year after year.

American Dream Triple pane windows have greater insulation abilities than dual pane windows because of the pockets of Krypton gas.  They are also superior to double pane windows because they provide an additional layer upon which low-e glazing may be applied.  Low-e glazing reduces heat transfer through your window.

Triple Pane Casement Windows energy efficient windows

American Dream Triple pane windows are also better than double pane windows for reducing noise pollution and for reducing condensation on the interior pane of the window.

During the Summer, triple pane windows will seal your comfortable cool air in your home and will prevent heat from entering.  During the Winter, triple pane windows will prevent heat from escaping from your home.

One thing to think about and verify is whether the triple pane windows will be adequately supported by your home.  They are heavier than double pane windows and will therefore place additional strain on the structure of your home and the frame and hardware of your windows.  Triple pane replacement windows are installed every day without hitch, and this consideration should not stop you from purchasing this kind of window.  But you should confirm that the triple pane windows will not cause unexpected problems with your window frames.

Triple pane replacement windows are significantly more costly than double pane windows.  The cost will be offset, in part, by the up to $500 federal energy tax credit on qualified products and by the substantial year after year energy savings. One important calculation to make is how long it will take for you to recoup the cost of the windows through energy savings with a triple pane window rather than a double pane window.  Some consumers are as much concerned about the environmental impact of their homes and their lives as in any energy savings.  While double pane windows are also energy-efficient, American Dream triple pane replacement windows provide the greatest energy efficiency of any window in the market.

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