London 2012: low-carbon and sustainable Olympic Games

London 2012 is on track to deliver a low-carbon and sustainable Olympic Games, according to the first fullsustainability report since construction started.

The report, A blueprint for change, published yesterday covers the five areas set out in the original report in 2007, namely climate change, waste, biodiversity, inclusion and healthy living.

The Olympic Park itself, which is nearly completion, is on time and budget and “leading the way in terms of sustainability”, says the report.

London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG), which is in charge of organising the event, also reports that carbon footprint methodology has been used in the design, choice of materials and procurement of all aspects the Games, avoiding some 100,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Construction of the Olympics venues has used concrete with a high recycled content, materials have been delivered by rail or water where possible and waste materials have been reused or recycled.

“The work that has been done on integrating sustainability into food, logistics, transport, ceremonies, technology and event management has uncovered opportunities that have not been realised before in an Olympic or Paralympic context,” says LOCOG CEO Paul Deighton.

“There is still much to be done, but we are well on track to achieve some fantastic results,” he adds.

LOCOG is on track to meet all of its sustainability goals, except the target of getting 20% of its energy from renewable resources. The report argues that, in hindsight, the attempt to install renewable energy sources in an urban area was “not necessarily the best approach to take”.

Nevertheless, John Armitt, chair of the ODA, says that the Olympic Park has set new standards for a project of its size and has “raised the bar for the industry”.

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