Highest LEED-CI rating….So Far

The rehab of one floor of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) New York City headquarters achieved LEED-CI Platinum certification. The project received the highest LEED-CI rating (51 of a potential 59 points under LEED-CI v2.0) ever given nationally or internationally.http://www.croxtoncollaborative.com/proj_nrdc08.htm

Croxton Collaborative Architects designed the project as a high performance sustainable prototype. The green upgrade featured:
• A high efficiency HVAC unit (40.3% more efficient than code)
• Lighting design that is 36.8% more efficient than code
• Thermal upgrade/retrofit via environmentally benign insulation plus high performance glazing
• Daylight maximized through optimized ceiling geometries, high reflectance surfaces, dual-zone daylighting control, and a daylight responsive continuous dimming system.

A notable strategy was to “democratize the window” with a design that pulls workstations away from the window. This scheme improved circulation within the space, and improves the thermal quality (unobstructed mixing of radiant heat plus glare reduction via upper/lower daylighting control).

Source: www.BDCnetwork.com

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