ULTra: Sustainable Personal Transit


ULTra is very energy efficient: A system of light, compact, electric vehicles which travel non-stop and operate only on demand results in significant energy savings compared to other forms of transport.

Analysis shows that most forms of transport, whether they be public or private, have similar levels of energy use and emissions output. The average system energy usage for conventional forms of transport is between 1.2 and 2.4 MJ per passenger km, as shown in figure 1 on the right.

ULTra PRT, with vehicles which create zero emissions at the point of use, has an average system energy usage of only0.55 MJ per passenger km. This gives a typical benefit compared with cars of over 70%. Even more significantly, in peak periods when cars (and buses) are restricted by congestion, this benefit rises to nearly 90%.

This energy saving translates directly into reduced CO2 emissions. ULTra meets the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that CO2 emission should be reduced by at least 60%. The RCEP target is set for 2050. ULTra is able to exceed this emissions target in the present decade

In addition to these energy savings due to the efficiency of the ULTra system, ULTra reduces congestion. Studies indicate significant modal shifts away from the car when a PRT system is introduced, freeing up both road capacity and parking space, and further reducing emissions by reducing congestion.


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