American Dream Natural Fiber – Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Futuristic Insulation


Not only is American Dream Natural Fiber made form 85% post consumer recycled content, it’s insulating value is beyond anything currently on the market. Oh, and it’s extremely affordable!Be selective and choose an insulation material that delivers the performance your family deserves.

• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation contains no asbestos, formaldehyde or fiberglass.
• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation is manufactured with a minimum of 85% recycled newspaper.
•The largest amount of post-consumer recycled content used in insulation products.
• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation saves energy used by the building/home owner.
• Less embodied energy is needed to produce our Natural Fiber than the equivalent amount of fiberglass insulation.
• Our manufacturing process releases virtually 0% direct CO2 emissions.
• Our installation process has no jobsite waste.

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