A look at Worlds Nest Technology Incubator – Video

The Worlds Nest features the science of sustainable integration that encapsulates all green systems in one functional structure.Robert Plarr & Victoria Peters co-created & built the world famous “Angels Nest Show Place & Renewable Research Center,” in Taos, New Mexico in 2002.

For 7 years the Angels Nest showcased cutting-edge, off-grid, eco-friendly, classy, and luxurious sustainable lifestyles.

Angels Nest was a green technology incubator that housed many scientists living and working there on a daily basis.  It has been an attraction for thousands of people globally including many inventors, business owners, political leaders, celebrities,&the public at large.

In 2010, Angels Nest, Worlds Nest, and Suns Nest combined to create a strategic partnership with Greenzilla and now has all the resources necessary to provide all the green-sustainable systems to create fully affordable sustainable homes and businesses.

GREENZILLA is an environmentally progressive improvement Organization.

Our Mission reflects our origins. We have evolved from a Think Tank of Visionaries, Researchers, Engineers, Lean Manufacturing Developers, Product  Implementation Specialists, Scientists, Innovators, Architects, Designers, Market Researchers and Just Good Common Sense Practices.


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