The Triple Crisis of Our Civilization


With a better understanding of the urgency of diverse but interrelated issues of finite energy, population-growth, and ecological concerns; hopefully, realistic solutions can be implemented in time for survival.

This document attempts to summarize the complex, interwoven, imminent multiple crisis facing civilization.

Many disparate (desperate) voices are telling us that we are, in many ways, at a tipping-point in history. When combined, the facts, synergism, and conclusions are undeniable.

Modern civilization is already slipping over a cliff. The information presented herein is accepted math, science, and history. The only hope for a successful outcome is for many individuals to readily understand the seriousness of our situation and to disseminate this message as quickly and widely as possible. Action on a personal and national level is urgently needed. Counter argument, denial, defeatism, and/or disinterest waste valuable time and focus.

This summary is an attempt to subsume the vast information sources including books, web sites, and news articles. By combining everything into an easily reproducible form, hopefully, a large enough number of concerned readers will extend and expand the chain of communication into a ground swell of public activism … especially considering the short time available to affect the outcome. Steadily escalating costs of energy and food are now causing concern among main-stream Americans.

You, as an integral link in a rapidly growing chain of communication, must provide the reproduction and distribution functions (marketing is everything!). If each recipient were to reach just five additional new active readers and conveyors of this document each month, after twelve months 470 million people would be aware of the crisis and a survival plan. This booklet can be reproduced for about 30 cents. It can be mailed with a tape closure (not stapled) for 41 cents. It can be left in a convenience store or public place like any free “mini tab”.

To make a Survival Handbook yourself, download the 10 sheets of

Survival Handbook PF.pdf

Booklet page numbers require proper orientation of the 10 sheets, front to back, to make a five-sheet, 20-page booklet.


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