Solar Panels Generate Power to Remove Ice and Snow from Bridges


Designer Corey McDonald of Pave Guard Technologies invented a system that uses solar panels to generate power to remove ice and snow from bridges and overpasses.  He discusses the solar technology in this video:
While Punxsutawny Phil might be predicting an early spring in 2011, the reality is that many regions of the U.S. will continue to see snow and ice well into March and possibly even April.  For commuters and other drivers, one of the most dangerous places to encounter winter accumulations is on elevated roadways.  So, how do you get to your destination safely?

Not only is the use of solar panels effective, but its also “green.”  Most ice and snow melt systems require salt, cinders or other harmful applications on road surfaces.  The chemicals and debris clog water systems and dirty the streets.  They are also expensive and wasteful, often ending up in landfills.

Using solar panels to generate power to remove ice and snow ends up saving both the environment and taxpayer money.  As described on the Pave Guard Technologies website:

  • Solar energy is generated and routed through a closed end piping system.
  • The Pave Guard System can generate high voltage energy as a stand alone system as well as being tied into the electric grid for added support.
  • A glycol water mixture is piped through the in-ground system warms the pavement, preventing the formation of snow or ice on the pavement.
  • Pavement does not freeze, which means no black ice, and fewer potholes that are expensive to fill and cause substantial damage to vehicles
  • When weather improves in warmer months, the solar energy that is generated is fed back into the power grid.

Here in my neck of the woods, we’ve seen snow into June on occasion!  I think using solar panels to help keep bridges and overpasses clear and safe is a super idea.


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