Forever Light: The most fail proof light ever invented.

In the daylight it is a boring lime-green 1.5mm thick rigid sheet of plastic that does not appear to do anything. But in the dark, it is a brightly glowing Blue-green 3D matrix panel of light that NEVER stops glowing.

It is the most fail proof light ever invented.

The panel uses NO electricity or other power system you would recognise.

It creates NO, magnetic, electric, RF fields or EMI, it is perfect for areas where you need light but must not have RF, EMI or electrical noise.

It continuously takes a little heat out of its surrounding environment (usually the air) and converts it into a useful light.

In the wealthy First World because we have electricity readily available, eg. USA, Japan, Australia, UK etc, would consider it to be supplementary to normal lighting, as a backup lighting system.

Currently, the panel cannot compete with powered lighting, but we are continuously making small improvements. If your existing lighting loses its power then the Foreverlight panel is the best lighting in the world.

For the Third World and remote areas where power is not readily available, the panel is a useful light, it produces a high level of light from dusk to dawn.
Homes would never be dark again. All that light without the need for electricity generation and all the associated infrastructure, pollution and CO2 creation.

Each panel is a floodlight, it lights a room and not a small area directly under the panel. It is nearly indestructible and very simple to use, smash it into 1000 pieces and each piece will provide light. You can read using it for the first few hours after sunset, depending on your age, you may require glasses to focus properly. It also makes an excellent back yard light as it uses the radiant heat from the upper atmosphere to excite itself all night.

When installed vertically with a reflector above it, a single 590x595x1.5mm panel cut into 4 strips will light a 6x4m room from sunset to sunrise, forever, beyond you and your great great great grand children’s life span. That 6x4m room will never go dark unless the temperature drops well below –80degC

Does it Really work Forever??

YES and NO.

YES, it can work forever. A panel will provide a level of light that will allow a person with normal vision to safely move about and identify controls forever. The technology principles used in the panel are based on physics and not chemistry, thus if its power supply (heat) never runs out it will light forever. For this to happen you will need to place the panel in a location where the plastic is protected from UV light or any other organic damaging radiation, for example, cellars, tunnels, caves, bunkers or a pyramid.

NO, it has a limited life span. When exposed to unfiltered sunlight the plastic will fail in about 5 years. When used indoors the plastic should fail in about 70 to 7000 years, which is why we call it a Foreverlight Panel, it will provide light for your entire life span.

The light output is useable even after 3 months in total darkness if your night vision is fully active. When our test panel was in our special lightproof cabinet, the test sample powered itself from the ambient heat in the cabinet, and of course the panel under test was lighting the interior of the cabinet.

Is it Safe for the Environment?

Our X03 lighting technology within the panel will breakdown in the environment, the plastic is used to protect it from our environment. When the plastic breaks down the X03 lighting technology has been modified to self destruct and stop glowing when it comes in contact with our environment, thus the residue will break down into the environment to become part of the soil and will not glow.

We are working on a version where the plastic itself will breakdown in 10 to 25 years, that way there will be no ongoing light pollution.

How Does it Work?

From this point on, everything you know how lighting works does not fully apply.

It takes energy and converts it into a blue-green light. About 0.3DegC for a 2 candle output. The energy it can convert starts from low-end infrared (heat) up to Gamma rays (nuclear

If you touch a cool panel with your warm hand, your handprint will show up as a bright handprint on the panel. You may also notice that your hand has become a little cooler than what it was. What happened was a little heat was taken from your hand by the panel and was then converted into light.

A slightly more technical explanation.
As already stated the Foreverlight Panel uses no electricity, solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal, tidal, hydro, osmosis, battery, capacitor, black hole, event horizon, anti-matter, dark matter or perpetual energy bank to be powered.

Each Foreverlight Panel consists of about 100,000 individual quantum electronic crystals, each crystal has 3 very separate sections, the Collector, the Conduit and the Emitter.

The Collector scavenges any energy it can find, it can be fine-tuned to scavenge a particular energy band or type of energy eg. Kinetic, Electromagnetic.

The Conduit is known by many different names, but basically it is the power cable and converter between the Collector and the Emitter.

The Emitter generates the light you see.


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