400 New Solar Jobs in Portland Tennessee

Good news for the economy and the American consumer!  Green jobs, particularly in the solar industry, are increasing across the nation.  These well-paying positions range from solar panel installers, marketing, management and sales people.

In Portland, Tennessee, 400 new solar jobs will be created over the next four years as Shoals announced it will be making solar energy system components at a new facility.

Green solar jobs at Shoals in Portland, Tennessee

The 75,000 square foot facility will open this month, costing about $10.5 million.  Shoals Technologies Group has “re-tooled” over the past year, changing its focus from an automotive parts manufacturer to the solar industry.  Since its shift in 2009, the company has experienced double-digit growth.  In fact, Shoals’s diversification into renewable energy manufacturing has resulted in a significant boost for the green energy economy.

Shoals is one of Sumner County’s top employers.  It manufacturers  solar components, which are sold to India and China.  People that are hired for one of the 400 new solar jobs will work on the assembly line, or fill new slots in the engineering department.

Source: www.solarpanelspower.net

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