1989 Geo Metro Gets 75 mpg!!

My name is Geo, Geo Metro 1989. All though I should be famous by now but I am not. I made my Debut in October 31 1993 in the business section of the Syracuse Herald American, the caption “man cut car in half to make a point.

That person is Doug Heffron of Kirkvill N.Y. he claims to have created me. That may be true to a point but when I was new I could give him as much as 56 miles to a gallon of gas.
I gave him the best years of my life so I thought. I took him to work and back faithlessly for the first year. It was a 50-mile round trip. I thought I was doing a good job I think he thought so to.

On my 30,000-mile birthday I found myself in his garage for a major body change. I must admit it was alarming when he cut me in half. He assured me it would instantly make me more streamline and fuel efficient, it sure did that. After 10 weeks and many other changes including a diet I was eager to show my stuff. My first time out stunned even my creator in mileage, and the looks made even me blush.

Well I had my fame for a 2-year period, when gas prices went down I found myself in a barn not to be driven for several years. On a cold march day 2006 the barn door opened “I could see day light again”. What! you want me to go on the road again. I have been sitting in this cold damp barn for several years rusting away. You expect me to go on the road again. In October of 1993 my creator stated do we have to wait until gas prices go to $5 a gallon before they build a high mileage car like me. I pondered for a moment, gas prices must have gone up and he needs me again, gosh I wonder if gas is now $5 a gallon Oh the life of a high mileage car.

Sincerely yours,

1989 Chevrolet Geo Xfi model.

A man named Doug Heffron built a high mileage car in 1993, it was built around a 1989 Geo Metro ultra-fuel-efficient Xfi model. This car originally was a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki, which delivered as much as 58 miles per gallon. 49 hp that’s all it take to get a person to work safely and comfortable. He reworked this car to get even better mileage. He was getting 75 mpg for the 2 years he drove it. The bottom line is with a 3- cylinder Eng. 12 valve, variable cam a small streamlined tandem-style could get even better mileage.

Henry Ford once said “I am not interested in building more cars for more money I want to build more cars for less money. I want the small guy to have a car” he went on to become rich and famous with this thinking.”

Source: www.1989GeoMetro.com

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