Solar Space Heater made from Soda cans & an Old Window.

Let’s first take a look at a few pictures I took as I was building this solar space heater…

So, now can you guess how this thing works? As air enters the 2 holes on the sides near the bottom, the sun is heating up the soda cans all painted black to absorb the heat. The cans have holes drilled in the bottom, so the air being drawn in at the bottom works its way through all the heated cans and gets hotter and hotter as it approaches the top. With convection, more and more air is drawn in through the bottom and the heat rises. A single hole drilled in the top of the frame is where all this heat comes out, and I have to tell you – it’s friggin’ hot and it comes flying out of there at full speed. That’s the basics of how it works. But how was it made? Well, if you cannot see from the pictures, the ingredients include:

-One old window frame w/glass intact
-Empty soda or beer cans, spray painted black, with holes drilled in the bottom
-Duct tape
-A piece of insulation
-Plywood for the back
(I only have cardboard on it right now, so it’s not even sealed properly)
-A dryer vent to hook to the top to direct the heat where you want it to go
-Small screen to cover the 2 intake holes at the bottom

That’s it – it’s basically a free heater.However, now you may be asking how/where it could be used? Well, what I was initially going to use it for was to heat my garage during the winter, so I could work out there all day without freezing to death. My plan was to lean it up against the outside of the garage, right below a south-facing window, and let it collect the sun’s rays there. And then, I was going to build a custom window-shim out of a piece of wood that would let me prop open the window a bit but keep it sealed, and then cut a hole in the wood to attach the dryer vent to, which would bring the hot air into the garage. Kind of like this:

And finally, if I wanted to, I could mount a tiny fan to blow the heat further into the garage. But judging by the temperature reading coming off the air at the top, I might not even need to do that. It was up to over 105 degrees the other day around 11am. Amazing! And as I mentioned, it’s not even properly sealed yet.

“This is Innovative! This proves creating your own heating device can be very inexpensive and practical. A design like this would not require expensive tools and materials. This is very simple..excellent!

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