7 Perfect Energy Saving Christmas Gifts


This year, give the gift that will really keep on giving to no end. Now to me, that sounds like a gift!1. Outlet Switch Insulators.

Outlet switch insulation is a great idea for anyone looking to give an energy efficient gift. They are SO simple to install. Once installed, you’re done. There is no maintenance, only savings. By placing these foam inserts behind your outlet, they eliminate possible leaky drafts(in or out) through your outlets. For just a couple of dollars this will reduce your heating and cooling load. It is a great way to save energy and money, and would make a prime stocking stuffer!

2. Water Heater Blanket.

Yet another very easy piece to install. A water heater blanket works by reflecting heat back into your water heater, eliminating heat from escaping. It will fit both gas and electric water heaters and can be put in place in just minutes. The blanket can save up to 20% on hot water heating costs (or about $4.00 per month), and it is very inexpensive! This may not seem like a whole lot at face value, but this is something that can be used a lifetime. Let’s do a little math. $4 per month times 12 months, that’s $48. $48 times 5 years = $240! If you happened to find $240 on the side of the street would you pick it up? Well, installing a water heater blanket will make this happen for sure.

3. Micro-Flow Kitchen Sink Faucet

This 1.5 GPM sink aerator is a real energy and water saver that no sink should be without. This simple little device saves 30% more water and energy then a standard 2.2 GPM aerator – that’s 7,665 gallons of water annually! It’s internal design prevents clogging, and it is C.S.A certified. This energy saving solution is great for anyone who may possibly use a sink..Everyone!

4. Micro-Flow Showerhead

About 30% of a family’s total indoor water consumption is used in the shower.  Although taking shorter showers certainly helps reduce this vast water user, changing just one traditional showerhead for a Micro-flow showerhead – like the American Dream 1.5 gpm showerhead can help save up to 7,300 gallons of water per year! This is a very practical and cost effective gift that would really make a difference!

5. Mobile Solar Charger

This is the solar charger that proved you could go green in style. At the airport, on vacation, in remote locations, in an emergency situation- Dependable and durable. Just unfold the blades and blaze, with the sun soaking, eco-friendly Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger. This device will charge up to 3200 electronics and will hold a charge for over a year! Get your energy from the sun. Save money, time, and do your part for the environment.

6. LED Light Bulbs

If you really to make someone happy, consider classic LED lightbulbs. The LED wave that has hit the energy efficient market is making a tremendous impact, and for good reason. The electrical consumption is almost 80% less than standard incandescent bulbs, while putting out the same if not MORE lumens(light). Yet another very easy fix which will make a big difference, especially if used in combination with the previous mentioned.

7. Infrared Thermal Detector

For those who are energy conscious, this is a great way to start…to find out where to start. By locating the leaking problem areas, you will identify which areas of your home or office need to be sealed up. This helps to understand where you are losing energy and once identified, you can then put together your plan of attack. You have a feeling that your windows are causing you to pay more than you need to on your heating and cooling bill but you’re just not sure. This is what you and others like you need.

These would all make perfect gifts for those who have energy efficiency in mind(even those who don’t, they will soon when they realize the potential savings). This year give your loved ones a smart gift that will mean something over and over. People will remember gifts like these, how can you forget the extra cash in your wallet every month!

Happy Holidays!

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