Hot-Liner-Flexible solar cooker


Why do I need gas, if there is the sun? Why do we need the wood, when there is the sun? So say designers Yonggu Do, Sukhoon Hong and Eunha Seo, who created the Hot-Liner concept. It will help to prepare hot meals, even in the most Spartan conditions because it is fully powered by the sun.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have no access to gas and electricity, and therefore still cook on open fires. This is an inconvenience, and throws a huge amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. And, moreover, millions of people lack access to resources allowing a fire.

It’s not just electric! This plate is powered by solar panels! It would be enough to expose it for a few hours in the sun, and energy accumulates in its batteries with enough power to cook anything on it.

Hot-Liner has a flexible structure. Hence, it will be possible to bend the device in such a way as to create the perfect shape and size to fit your pot and kettle.
I must say that Hot-Liner would be perfect for football games(or any sporting event for that matter), camping, power outages, and any situation where resources are limited. This is potentially a very popular product. After all, a portable solar driven electric cooker would be a very useful accessory for outings, hiking, picnics and other outdoor events.

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