Husqvarna's solar powered lawn mower


For those of you itching to take a look at Husqvarna‘s Automower, the sleek robotic solar hybrid lawnmower will be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week. The Automower uses solar and battery power, and is completely emissions-free. During daylight, the 12 watt solar panel allows the mower to extend its cutting periods before needing a recharge.


The mower, which is equipped with a 4.4 Ah, 18V NiMH battery, has a maximum working area of 2,220 m2 (0.65 acre). A wire staked beneath grass level around the lawn perimeter keeps the Automower in the mowing area. If the machine bumps into an obstacle, it reverses and heads in a different direction. And if power is low, the Automower returns to its base for recharging.

Husqvarna’s 22 pound mower also features a 4 digit pin lock code and a security alarm in case the neighbors decide they want to swipe it.

The Automower is available now for the low price of $2999.95.

Photo Credit: Husqvarna

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