Battery Free Mouse Powered by Clicks & Hand Motion


This eco-friendly mouse made from recycled cork and plastic is completely powered by the motion of your hand!One problem that most portable electronic devices face is that they use a lot of batteries. Although some people recycle their batteries, many just throw them away, so they end up buried in a landfill. One way to nip this problem in the bud is to have a mouse that doesn’t use any batteries at all. The Corky is a little brown mouse that is powered by the motion of your hand. Every time you move the mouse you generate kinetic energy, so as long as you keep pointing and clicking, you will never have to use batteries again. The Corky is also made from eco-friendly material, and that makes it one of the greenest wireless mice around.

The Corky was first introduced to the world as a finalist in the 2010 Greener Gadget Conference. It was designed by Adele Peters, even though it didn’t win the competition, it did win the hearts of eco-minded techies around the world. Why? Just take a look at its features:


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