Hand Held Wind Generator for Small Electronics


This cool hand held gadget(HY Mini) will charge your cell phone, ipod, digital camera etc.

For example, you can attach the HYmini to bike handlebars or your arm while jogging or walking and this eco friendly charger/adapter will collect power for later.

All it requires is some wind – attach it to your bike handle bar when you go cycling and you will have enough power to click 50 snaps on your camera or an extra 15 minutes chat on your cell phone or to your car mirror and drive at 40MPR to charge your MP3 enough to last 8 hours and 40 minutes on your cell phone.

HYmini can be upgraded by mounting solar panels on it enabling it to harness solar energy in addition to wind energy. An hour in the sun should give you a good 2 hours with your MP3 player.

This is super neat and you will probably see more of this type of device in the coming months and years, but for now this is the first of its kind. HYmini priced at $50 should be a good news to the sophomores and the “going green” to their bill payers.

source: www.keetsa.com

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