How much Wattage do Ceiling Fans Consume?


10 to 100 Watts, depending on (in decreasing order): speed setting, blade size/pitch, motor size/efficiency. Just plain physics.. it takes energy to move air, more air (blade size/pitch) = more energy.
(Exception.. check out that Last ceiling fan at the bottom! Woa!)

One *could* look at manufacturer’s power consumption ratings on the box or their website, but Most don’t even say! Or give a Wide range, look..

ie Casablanca’s Lanai ceiling fan w/ 53″ blade span is rated at Power: 10-84 Watts

Hunter Ceiling Fans simply has This to say about All their ceiling fans..
“Q:  How much electricity will a fan draw?
“A:  On average, a ceiling fan run on high speed will consume less power than a 100-watt light bulb.” (lame!)

To put it in perspective..
10 – 100 Watts  ..Ceiling Fan (not counting Lights)
600-1500 Watts ..Electric Space Heaters
600-3000 Watts  ..Room Air Conditioners
2000-5000 Watts  ..Central Air Conditioning Units
(Source: Home Energy Magazine Online )

Ceiling Fan Efficiency is determined by a dividing fan’s CFM rating by the Input Wattage at that speed.
So, if the fan moves 6630 CFM on its highest speed, and uses 85 watts to do so, its energy efficiency is 78 CFM/Watt.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan: Works Smarter, Not Harder…


“..Power consumption at high speed is only 35 W(!), so the efficiency is still getting on for double that of conventional flat bladed fans. Efficiency = 110 CFM/Watt
..Modeled on the wing-like shape of a seed pod from a Sycamore tree, .. airfoil-like blade design allows them to create the same airflow as a conventional flat-winged fan, but at much lower speeds .. Designed to spin at 70-130 revolutions per minute (rpm), the blade can nearly cut in half the normal operating speed of a conventional ceiling fan, which rotates around 140-200 times per minute — yep, twice as efficient, and all with just a single blade instead of three, four or five.”

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