Nation-e Hummer H1 Angel: Providing Energy to Stranded Vehicles and Buildings


The fully electrified AngelH1 is equipped with a 60 kW battery, and provides electricity not only to stranded vehicles, but to complete buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and units that urgently require electricity.
Especially areas that are hit by extraordinary circumstances like earthquakes or tornadoes, electricity blackouts and other crisis events traditionally suffer from electricity shortages for days. With the full electric AngelH1, previously inaccessible territories become accessible and emergency units can fully function using the mobile energy supply of the AngelH1.

These vehicles due to their ability to access remote areas find an extensive application within the mining industry, as well as construction sites off grid. Moreover, the AngelH1 is an energy carrier for satellites and other communication devices, providing an extensive range of energy for transmission of content.

The AngelH1 is fully electrified, completely free of emissions, and has a customizable range.

Nation-E has developed the first mobile charging system for electric cars that run out of battery power on the road, similarly like regular cars may run out of gasoline. Since the infrastructure for e-cars is only in its early development phase, yet governments have strong two digit targets to introduce e-mobility as an alternative means of transportation in the upcoming decade, Nation-E’s Angel Car concept becomes the key solution to “range anxiety” and makes driving a e-cars realistic even without the huge deployments of new infrastructures.

The technology behind the concept is simple, yet effective and reminds of first-aid break-down service, where a big carrier with an over-size battery recharges a stranded vehicle via a tube, so that the stranded vehicle can continue on his path towards a nearby charging station. Nation-E’s Mobile Charging System can installed on any standard service car or on a dedicated Angel Car” unit.

This AngelCar Mobile Service Unit is equipped with an On-board 230V charger that is capable to charge a stranded vehicle in less then 15 minutes with 2-3 kWh of, enabling up to 30km  of additional autonomy.

The communication between the stranded vehicle and the Angel Car is facilitated through Nation-E’s high-end Battery Management System, which is capable to converse and examine the parameters and the verification permits of the car battery, and determine the quantity and intensity of energy that should be fast-charged into the stranded vehicle. This hyper- intelligent unit is equipped with a touch screen that enables the controlled flow of energy.

Nation-E has developed this solution employing its expertise in large scale battery management systems, and has showcased the  NationMobile Angel Car® this September in Brussels in front of key industry players and politicians.

Nation-E is currently trying to partner with as many countries as possible. The focus is on all countries with growing e-mobility, including European countries like Germany, Italy, Finland, as well as Israel and USA.

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