Save Money on Electricity


Below is a list of very simple lifestyle changes you can make that will save you money and energy consumption.One way to save money on electricity is to use renewable alternative energy sources. Not only can this save you money on electricity it can even make you money on electricity if you produce more than you use.

The most common renewable alternative energy sources for homes are solar power (how it works) and wind power (how it works). These systems do require an initial investment though that typically amounts to thousands of dollars. Although they do end up repaying that cost and making money eventually not everyone can invest in a system like this.

So, let’s discuss ways to save electricity when you’re buying it from the grid. Below is a list of very simple lifestyle changes you can make that will save you money and energy consumption.

CFLs – Compact Fluorescent Lights are lightbulbs that fit into ordinary light sockets. They consume much less power though and provide just as much light. Typical power reduction from a CFL might be 18 watts compared to an incandescent which might be 120 watts. They also give off less heat resuling in easier cooling during the summer.

Hot water jacket – Water heaters usually account for almost a third of electricity costs in a home. You can get a hot water jacket extremely cheap which will help your water heater retain its heat.

Kill-A-Watt – Getting a kill-a-watt meter allows you to monitor the electricity usage at the outlets in your home. This will allow you to identify electronics in your homes that are using the most electricity and replace them with energy star appliances or electronics.

Low flow faucets – Again water heating can be a major expense so using low flow faucets will mean less work is required from your water heater.

Energy Star – Whenever you’re purchasing appliances or electronics look for the energy star brand. These consume significantly less electricity than brands or models without energy star.

Ceiling Fans – Installing a ceiling fan will allow you to run your air conditioner less in the summer and can save you a lot on your electricity bill.

Full laundry/dishwasher – When you need to wash your clothes or your dishes make sure you’re fully loading it. Put off washing your clothes or dishes for another night if it will mean getting a full load done at once. This can save you a lot on your water usage as well.

Vampire Electronics – A lot of electronics consume electricity even when you think they’re off. Some of the worst offenders are TVs, video game systems, digital video recorders, computers, etc. However almost everything consumes electricity while plugged into a wall. Using a kill-a-watt meter will allow you to identify the worst ones in your home.

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