Meet eddy.


It’s a different kind of wind turbine – one that’s nearly silent and looks more like art than your everyday windmill. It’s a wind turbine that can be assembled in under an hour, take wind from any direction, and be mounted on either a pole or your roof. Manufactured by Urban Green Energy, the leader in vertical axis wind turbines, eddy’s a name you can depend on to produce clean energy for you day or night, year after year.

Mill Dimensions 1.38m wide x 1.6m tall
Swept Area 2.1 m²
Tower height 2m (6′), 7m (23′), 13m (43′), and others. Roof mount available
Gross Weight 81.6 kg (180lbs)


Type Permanent magnet
Temperature Range -40C to 115C (-40F to 230F)
Drive System Direct drive
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 200 rpm


Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s (8 mph)
Cut-out wind speed 32 m/s (71.5 mph)
Rated wind speed 12 m/s (27 mph)
Max (survival) wind speed 55 m/s (112 mph)
Noise Sound level at 12 m/s according to IEC 61400-11 36 dB(A)

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