All electric Honda Gravity motocycle concept


A silent vehicle for the countryside, the RCA Motorcycle concept blends a mountain bike with a trail bike for a unique on/off road experience. Designer Adam Kerr Phillips names the RCA concept motorcycle as Honda Gravity since the gravity pull, which includes natural balance, tension and grace, inspires its creation.

honda gravity rca motocycle concept 3

Green Quotient:

The electric bike contains a battery base right in the center. An electric motor is there to provide drive to the back wheel. LED lighting at the rear of the bike illuminates the twin-textured swing arm. Front-fork-mounted torches assist night- or road-riding. All those tech-savvy riders will sure appreciate its clear screen that sits below the handle bars and displays power and instrument information.

honda gravity rca motocycle concept 1

Design Inspiration:

Initially, Adam relied on a self-supporting branch-like design. However, later, he replaced it with some flowing panels around a rough, rock-like core. So, the final design features strong texture that combines with the lightness of the gravity-pulled form. Full body panels show themselves up in bike’s bare form.

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