Want To Build Energy Efficient,You Must Have A System!

A Successful Energy Efficient Building Project! … needs all the right decisions, a team approach, dedicated, working in concert, and a whole lot more. How to do it right every time? … We need a system, there are no short cuts, no magic wand. Energy Efficient Buildings need to have a system.

Every building  project today should have energy efficiency as a key consideration — so whether you are building or renovating your house, or it is your commercial or light industrial building — energy efficiency a key requirement — good thinking — Congratulations!

It all begins with a genuine desire, a concept, a need, an idea, a dream. You want to do it right, you want a building that is energy efficient, functional, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, long-lasting, and that is strong, is healthy, and is comfortable — you want it all — and why not!

For an Ultra energy efficient building, efficient use of energy is not an after thought, it is a key consideration that impacts decisions at every step of the way from conception to completion. So as the decision is made to build, and the budget and schedule issues have been considered, we need to follow the steps in the …

Top Ten List …

  1. Building System… select one that has energy efficiency at its core, is state-of-the-art, and is strong in its resistant to natural hazards, is cost-effective
  2. Project Management … create a team so that every one is a team player and has experience and expertise in energy efficient construction in one’s respective discipline
  3. Foundation… design so that it is compatible with the Building System selected
  4. Walls… choose a compatible system that provides Ultra energy efficiency, ease of building and allows for use of wall covering of your choice
  5. Floors… design compatible floor system that provides for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, use of floor finish of choice
  6. Roof… design roof structure and choose roofing system that is energy efficient, is compatible with the various sub systems of the building and affords the aesthetics and curb appeal that you desire
  7. Doors and Windows… select type and style that are Ultra energy efficient, are durable, and meet your decor ideas
  8. Mechanical… choose a compatible system and fixtures that are energy efficient, are state-of-the-art and have proven record of performance
  9. Electrical… design system and choose fixtures that are compatible, are state-of-the-art, meet your decor ideas and are energy efficient
  10. Appliances-Fixtures… choose such that they add-value to your energy efficient project, are durable, are cost-effective, and meet your ideas of decor, and aesthetics

So this is how it goes …

You turn the idea into a plan — you develop a mission. You search for a suitable location. You want your building to be cost-effective and you are concerned with not only about the building’s initial cost but also its operational cost over its entire life cycle. You establish a budget and you establish a schedule.

You chart out the purpose and the function of the building. You initiate a project. You want to design it and build it so it meets all of your requirements such as form, function, aesthetics, budget, schedule, safety, security, while meeting all the pertinent rules and regulations. You want to spend your money wisely, you want to use proven cutting edge state-of-the art technology, you want your building to have a long useful life — you want to be proud of what you are going to build — there we go!

So if your building is subject to hurricanes, such as on Florida coast line, or in an earthquake prone area, such as California, you want to ensure that your building is designed and built, to be strong so you are safe and secure not only in normal weather conditions, but also to withstand natural hazards, such as storms, tornados, hurricanes,and earthquakes.

To ensure a successful project, you have to think of the various facets of the project as sub systems of the building system. All parties working on the project have to work as members of a project management team.

The building design has to meet all the requirements of the plan, it has to be in compliance with the mission for the project. The design has to take into account your requirement of energy efficient building — this requirement affects the type of construction that should be chosen .

In project construction, the type of construction chosen, the design of the building, and the soil conditions at the project site will help determine the optimum foundation system .

The construction and the building design selected will also have an influence on design of the elements that constitute the shell of the building for example the walls the floors, and the roof.

For your choice of doors and windows you will need to select energy efficient doors and energy efficient windows. For mechanical you will choose the (HVAC system), and for electrical you will choose the wiring and the associated components to match the type of construction and the building design. The energy efficient building’s project requirements, aesthetical considerations, and choice of the walls, floors, and roof system will also have an impact on the choice of wall and floor finishes, and roof covering, and the choice of fixtures and furnishings for the building.

To build your energy efficient building you want to make sure that the building meets all of your requirements such as form, function, aesthetics, budget, and schedule, … and you want to ensure that the building is strong so you are safe and secure not only in normal weather conditions but also that the building is capable of withstanding natural hazards, such as storms, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. And of course you want your building to be comfortable, and quiet, and you want your building to be a healthy place for you and your family and/or your workers to live, to work or to play in — that sure is a tall order!

What would it take to fill that tall order — DEDICATION we say, and we spell dedications as …

Dream It
Evaluate It
Develop It
Initialize Project Team
Construct It
Add Value To It
Top It With Accessories
Inspect It
Occupy It
Nurture It

The owner comes up with the idea, the idea is evaluated and authenticated, it is made into a plan, project site is located, budget and schedule are established, funding is arranged, and then you, have to work with your sub contractors as a team to carry the ball to the goal line. Every member of the team has a contribution to make — but remember it is you who is the Quarter Back that can take the team to victory in this tough and challenging game — successfully leading to energy efficient building — hurray!

As we build your dream home / building to be energy efficient, we use the same materials, design principles, and techniques to make your home / building …

  • An energy efficient home is a well built home. It is a safe home .
  • A Healthy Home / Building — safe from
    • mold
    • fungus
    • allergens
    • pollutants

    Bau-biologie — the concept originated in Germany. It is concerned with promoting the use of healthy building materials and principles with the idea of improving living and work spaces. Your dream home / building should provide for a pleasant, comfortable, and healthy environment for your family.

  • A Quiet Home / Building — no bother from
    • Vehicular Traffic
    • Aircraft flying overhead
    • Power boats on your lake front property

Your building has insulated walls, quality doors and windows, well insulated roof. You don’t hear any extraneous noises. No screeching tire noise from speeding automobiles. No noise from aircraft if you are close to an airport. Your peace is not disturbed by power boats racing past your lake-front abode. You have got quiet … you have peace!

Now close your eyes, feel the serenity and inner peace from that unadulterated quiet … how romantic, meditative, and harmonious. And why not … enjoy all the good things, the side benefits of having built an energy efficient home … You Deserve!

Doors and windows are part of the building envelope which is a critical component of any facility since it both protects the building occupants and plays a major role in regulating the indoor environment. The building envelope controls the flow of energy and sound between the interior and exterior of the building. The building envelope can be considered the selective pathway for a building to work with the climate-responding to heating, cooling, ventilating, and natural lighting needs.

Doors and windows in an energy efficient building should be located, chosen and installed with care — these should be energy efficient, sound counseling and installed correctly. Location of doors and windows and their sizes should be based on careful consideration of daylighting, heating, and ventilating strategies.

In addition to location and size of doors and windows, the climatic conditions, site’s solar geometry, reflectivity, the environ, including the location of trees and the landscaping around the building should be chosen with care for human comfort and energy efficiency.

Achieving a quite peace environment will be easy if you work within a system concept! Being diverse in your thinking, and remembering that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will get what you have now!

Make sure to consider that sound can move any where air can move and through places and objects that it can not like some glass,windows and doors,and insulation in walls,floors, and ceilings.

Building or remolding your sound haven is simple as long as you plan a bit and work with the right system approach!

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