Creating a "Sound" home!

Your building has insulated walls, quality doors and windows, well insulated roof. You don’t hear any extraneous noises. No screeching tire noise from speeding automobiles. No noise from aircraft if you are close to an airport. Your peace is not disturbed by power boats racing past your lake-front abode. You have got quiet … you have peace!

Now close your eyes, feel the serenity and inner peace from that unadulterated quiet … how romantic, meditative, and harmonious. And why not … enjoy all the good things, the side benefits of having built an energy efficient home … You Deserve!

Doors and windows are part of the building envelope which is a critical component of any facility since it both protects the building occupants and plays a major role in regulating the indoor environment. The building envelope controls the flow of energy and sound between the interior and exterior of the building. The building envelope can be considered the selective pathway for a building to work with the climate-responding to heating, cooling, ventilating, and natural lighting needs.

Doors and windows in an energy efficient building should be located, chosen and installed with care — these should be energy efficient, sound counseling and installed correctly. Location of doors and windows and their sizes should be based on careful consideration of daylighting, heating, and ventilating strategies.

In addition to location and size of doors and windows, the climatic conditions, site’s solar geometry, reflectivity, the environ, including the location of trees and the landscaping around the building should be chosen with care for human comfort and energy efficiency.

Achieving a quite peace environment will be easy if you work within a system concept! Being diverse in your thinking, and remembering thay if you keep doing what you have been doing you will get what you have now!

Make sure to consider that sound can move any where air can move and through places and objects that it can not like some glass,windows and doors,and insulation in walls,floors, and ceilings.

Building or remolding your sound haven is simple as long as you plan a bit and work with the right system approach!

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