Energy Star Home Success, What's next, Glad you Ask!

More than 1 million ENERGY STAR qualified homes have been built in the United States. Last year, families living in these homes saved more than $270 million on their utility bills, while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 370,000 vehicles. As great an success as this is we can go so much further, new advances and breakthrough’s are available. A new home system as been developed.These new homes cost no more than a energy star home and are up to 70 % more energy efficient,WOW now that’s worth shouting about! More can be learned by visiting

NOTE: A 1998 study commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency found that a home’s value rises an average
of $20 for each $1 decrease in the Annual Utility Bill. The October 1998 issue of the Appraisal Journal reported that
the market value of a home increases about $20 for every $1 decrease in Annual Utility Costs.

NOTE: Buildings represent 71% of the consumption of electricity in the U.S. and generate
39% of the nation’s carbon emissions.  Clearly any plan to meet the climate change and
electricity generation capacity challenges must address buildings.

Energy efficiency saves money for individuals and communities alike. suggestions for slashing your home electricity , lowering operating costs in your office and cutting gas costs.
That’s what we all could do, when we learn,what our options are? Many people ask what can we do to our home?
Learn more about the latest cutting edge, energy savings and home remolding options at

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