U.S. Coal Facts


The United States has about 265 billion tons of coal reserves.  This makes the United States the world leader in known coal reserves.  We are the Saudi Arabia of Coal.  This will probably be the major energy source for generating electricity as we move along the bell curve of Global Peak Oil.

The United States produces more than 1.1 billions tons per year with a value of more than $20 billion dollars

We have major coal deposits are in 38 states. Montana has the most coal with about 120 billion tons. Other states in order of known reserves: Illinois, Wyoming, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Indiana. In general western coal contains less sulfur than eastern coal and therefore pollutes less

64 percent of recoverable coal reserves in the United States contain medium and high sulfur levels which add to pollution and may not be mined soon due to low quality, mining costs, location, and/or transportation infrastructure problems

88 percent of all the coal used in the United States is for electricity production

Total coal mined worldwide is more than 4 billion tons

Only 10 countries have substantial coal deposits

Some European countries and the Pacific Rim import coal to fire their economic engines

Coal may be our cash crop of the future

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