Induction Cooktops Look Good & Are Cheap to use, so Save You Money!

Induction cooktop,with New Pans WOW
With concerns about rising fuel costs and global warming, the energy efficient induction hob is increasingly attractive. It is a dream to cook on & easy to clean.

Cooking on an induction cooktop is becoming more affordable as appliances are falling in price and a greater choice of induction appliances is appearing in the stores of Europe, the U.K. and North America.
Advantages of Using an Electric Induction cooktop:

In simple terms the clever electrical wiring is hidden beneath the glossy ceramic surface. It heats the pan on top directly by using electro-magnetism. By this process pans are heated almost immediately making this an extremely fast way of, for example, bring water to the boil.

There is less energy wasted heating the cooktop and surrounding air before the pan, which translates to lower fuel bills. A busy kitchen, the family gathering spot, estimated savings of 30.00 per month after replacing gas with cooktops,

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There are other advantages. Being so efficient it will lose less heat into the kitchen atmosphere making less of a contribution to the overheated kitchen.

As the cooktop will be cooler there is less chance for spilled food to become baked on, in fact, the cooktop can be wiped clean whilst in use if practical to do so. This makes it ideal for a modern low maintenance kitchen.
Induction Cooktop Problems & Disadvantages

Pans must be magnetic, having a specific type of base, otherwise nothing happens to the pan, the hob does not get warm. It will most likely require an investment in all new pans.( provided with the new cooktop!

If the surface gets damaged, the whole hob is unusable, not just one ring.
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Induction hobs are more expensive than other cooktops, but the difference in price is diminishing.

Using the hob requires attention and practice because things warm up so fast. Like any new roduct it takes getting used to but may involve some burnt offerings in the early days.
Does an Induction Hob Get Hot?

Contrary to myth the surface of an induction hob does get very hot and could damage items placed on top of it when hot. It warms whilst in use because it has a hot pan on top of it, the heat transfers from the pan to the surface as well as from the pan to its contents via conduction.

The hob does not get hot when turned on, if it is turned on by accident it will not burn hands or objects which are not magnetic. The cooktop is heated by the pan and not the other way round.

If the pan contains water, for example, the water could be heated to boiling point, it stands to reason the surface of the hob will also get very hot.
Why Induction Hobs are Likely to Become Standard in New Kitchens

* Pan & contents are heated faster than by other hob technologies;
* Less fuel is used for cooking, resulting in lower bills;
* Easy to clean;
* Looks good, modern and desirable.

Need Reasons to Buy a New Induction Cooktop

* Expensive to buy; Not any more check out
* New pans may be needed, old pans will be useless; free with a fresco health cooktop
* Learning curve to adapt to the speed of heating, food will boil quickly,saving time and money!

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