Excercise, Save Money and Wash Clothes in one fell Swoop!

You pedal the bike and your energy powers the washer!

First of all, you’re doing your laundry completely off the grid, so major sustainability points. Plus, you are saving money! Second of all, you’re doing laundry period, which as we all know, is a necessary, albeit often demoralizing household chore. I don’t know – I personally don’t mind it.

Third of all, you are exercising! And, if you are like me, you don’t generally like using stationary machines like treadmills and such, since they are boring and you feel like a hamster on a wheel. However,  you’ll notice in this case the pointless has a point and that is to power your washer. In this case, the hamster has a very important job that necessitates his running on the wheel. Hence, my aversion to stationary machines is largely dissipated.

Honestly, I think a lot more people would exercise if there was some beneficial and relatively immediate result. Sometimes it takes two weeks to drop a single pound, but who cares, since there is a clean load of laundry after 20 minutes thanks to your efforts and your efforts alone. Endorphin rush, people.

And now – imagine if entire gyms were harnessed – laundromats and gyms could have these amazing symbiotic relationships where your gym membership/actual usage guaranteed free laundry coins.

Now the specifics – a lithium-ion battery hard wired to the front loading machine collects energy as you pedal. And apparently the company prototyping this little artifact, Haier, is “gauging consumer response at the show” and depending might actually put the pedal-washer into production – so act excited!

Of course by the time you’ve sweated it out for 20 minutes you are going to have more clothes to wash.

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