4 Reasons to Live Off-the-Grid

It is in the news frequently and everyone knows about shortages of power, rapidly increasing demand for energy, limited non-renewable energy sources and warnings about the effects of pollution on our environment. So is there anything that the average person on the street can do to help turn things around, or is it too late? What about living off the grid? If this is not something that you would have thought of, then perhaps it might be worth considering. Not only will you save on your power bills but you will also help the environment, and that is bound to make you feel good about going “offline.”

So what is living off the grid and what are the advantages?

– Self reliance for energy

When you have your own source of renewable energy, it means that you are less dependent, or not at all, on public utilities for power. With the national supply subject to outages wouldn’t it be better to be in charge of your own power? You can, when you are using an alternate energy solution.

– Unlimited power from natural sources:

What if you could get some or all of your energy for free? You would not need to watch your power usage and how much it costs, and you would be able to use what you needed when you needed it, without worry. You could use the energy in nature to fuel your lighting, heating and cooking needs 24/7. Solar and wind energy systems could be the solution to your power dilemma.

– Reduced or no cost energy:

How would you like to stop receiving power bills or reduce them significantly? Alternative energy systems recoup their initial set-up costs very quickly and from that point on, are very low maintenance options for your power supply. If you are able to fully supply your energy needs with these systems then your power is eventually free!

– Using an energy source that is eco-friendly:

Just as our forefathers planted trees to grow for the future, using a “no-impact” energy system is a way of blessing the generations to come. By cleaning up the environment and eliminating the pollutants to our planet we make this world a healthier greener place for our children and grandchildren. We need to cut out our use of non-renewable energy sources and we need to steward our water supplies wisely. Everything good that we can do now will impact positively on our future.

If you think that it is not possible to live off the grid, think again. Why not explore alternate energy solutions and see if there is one that you can use. You might be surprised to find that there are solutions available that are not only “green” but easy to install and extremely economical.


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