Winter Forecast 2010-2011

With everyone enjoying our warmer than normal summer, one can’t help but speculate as to what winter of 2010-2011 will be like for our area. This is what Theodore White, astro meteorologist has to say:

“From my long-range astronomical calculations for North America, I’ve forecasted 2010-11 to be a very strong El Nino year. This is caused mainly by the activity of the Sun, which will undergo a historic solar maximum that will bring to an end the 36-year global warming phase that began in the year 1980 while opening a new global cooling phase that will get underway by the year 2017. In the meantime, I am also forecasting that the years of late 2009 to 2016 will feature some of the world’s wildest climate and weather events of the early 21st century that, by the mid-2010s, will have seen the close of the current 36-year phase of global warming that Earth has experienced since 1980. By 2010, in my estimation, we will have entered the 30th year of Solar-forced global warming. These last six-to-seven-and-a-half years, from 2010 to about 2017, will likely feature some of the warmest global temperatures recorded in the entire 36th year global warming cycle. This cycle, like that of global cooling on its way in the decades ahead – is directly caused by the Sun.

**Fall 2010 – the season starts off with what “appears” to be another early Indian summer, but then Fall turns into a very wet, extended, and warmer-than-normal season w/ tropical air, torrential rains. This is going to be a longer-than-normal fall season that extends right into January 2011.”

Another well received source for weather fortune telling is the Farmers Almanac. The Almanac is predicting that Michigan’s winter weather will be bitterly cold with below normal snow fall. September and October will see temperatures that are above normal with slightly above normal precipitation.

How credible are these predictions? Last year Joe Bastardi, an AccuWeather meteorologist, made his predictions for the winter months of 2009-2010 in October. He predicted that the eastern seaboard would see snowfall surpassing all previous records. He was so right! And what about this man-made global warming that we hear so much about? Some meteorologists think that Al Gore created the whole concept. It will certainly be interesting to see if Mr. White’s predictions become reality.

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